Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Technology From RADIANT (A MESAN USA Brand)

The sun is the primordial source of energy on our planet. All living things rely on its energy to live, it is the lifeblood for plants, animals, and humans, so it is just logical to try harvesting this energy, that we all receive for free, and transform it for our benefit. For many years, solar energy has been used to generate electricity, and to produce hot water, but not much has been achieved, on the direct use of solar energy, for air conditioning. Any solar photovoltaic system is capable of generating enough electricity to power air conditioning units, but so far, this has been done through the use of inverters, and batteries for energy storage and the end result is that conventional A/C units are fed with the same AC electricity as provided by the grid. They relied on inverters and batteries.

Now MESAN USA, under the RADIANT brand, has developed an innovative line of solar hybrid air conditioning equipment, which can be directly powered by DC electricity straight from the PV panels on the roof. We call them “hybrid” because they can also be powered by AC electricity, from the grid. So now during daytime hours, the A/C unit will run on DC power, and at night it will run on AC power, and on cloudy days the internal smart controller will balance both energy sources, and use the maximum possible DC, while supplementing any deficit with AC electricity, all is done automatically. No more need for inverters or batteries.

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