MESAN USA HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed)

MESAN USA HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed)

MESAN USA is proud to introduce its new line of HVLS fans. These fans move large volumes of air at very low RPM, for the quietest operation and maximum comfort.

Manufactured in 5 different diameters: 12’; 16’ 18’ 20’ 24’.  All sizes use a 2 HP motor, which greatly optimizes spare parts inventory, and simplifies the design.

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Airflow rates range from 200,000 to 500,000 cfm, with an average noise level of 45 dB(A) at just 5’

These fans run at very low speed: between 20 and 75 RPM

The drivetrain consists of a NORD (Germany) parallel-shaft motor-gear reducer, and a 7075-grade forged-aluminum fan hub (not machined, but forged, for maximum strength), all enclosed inside a heavy-gauge, powder coated, steel enclosure.

The airfoil fan blades, are made of aircraft-grade aluminum (7075 grade, with a strength comparable to that of steel), and fitted with aerodynamic wing tips, for maximum efficiency

The fan controller is included as a standard feature.  It comes inside an IP-55 weatherproof steel enclosure, with a lockable door, and incorporates a Danfoss VLT-series drive, and Schneider electrical components.

All fasteners are grade-12.9 tempered alloy steel, the strongest grade in the market (1,200 MPa yield strength)

Five-year warranty on all mechanical components.

Our fan package is so complete, that it also includes many items, that our competitors sell as “optional”, or do not offer at all, like:

  • 150’ of weatherproof electrical wiring (to connect the control panel with the fan motor)
  • 100’ of steel rope (for the 4 tension lines)
  • Chrome-plated steel cable ties for the wire rope
  • Chrome-plated steel turnbuckles (to tension the wire ropes)
  • Three different anchoring accessories, for three different installation types: I-beam, concrete ceiling and wooden trusses.

In summary a very high-quality fan at a very competitive price

MESAN USA HVLS fans are exclusively distributed by PrimeLines, LLC in Miami, Florida, USA,,

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