General Info

The MXC series is a closed-circuit fluid cooler, also known as “indirect fluid coolers”.  This series is also CTI-Certified as per STD-201.  This series is designed for processes where the cooling water must be isolated from the airstream to prevent fouling.

The MXC is configured as cross-flow, induced-draft, for lowest energy consumption when compared against a counter-flow closed circuit tower.

A very unique feature of this series is its cooling coils made of copper, for reliable and very long service life, when compared to the traditional galvanized steel coils (galvanized on the outside only and bare steel in the inside), offered by other manufacturers.

Also available in several different construction materials, like FRP, G235 HDGS and SS-304 or SS-316

Low-head inline circulating spray pumps, PVC distribution piping and all the other features of the MCR series, make the MXC a very attractive and competitive closed-circuit fluid cooler.