How "expensive" is an "inexpensive" cooling tower?
Most of the times the least expensive towers use the largest motors with the highest kW or HP ratings, and even though they may look like the best investment, over time it turns out not to be, as energy costs start piling up quickly... Read More
New Products
Check out our new products!
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Get what you pay for, insist on performance guaranteed as per CTI STD-201, the only third-party performance assurance program in the industry...safeguard your investment. Read More
ISO-9001 Certified
Demand higher, consistent, certified quality, excellence in design, development, manufacturing and service, independently audited and verified.
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Going Green? We can help!
LEED certification? MESAN USA towers are fully ASHRAE-90.1-2010 compliant, they all exceed the energy-efficiency requirements of this standard, a mandatory requisite to earn LEED points, towards Green Building certification. Read More
Lowest Energy Consumption in the market
With up to 40% lower energy consumption than our competitors, MESAN leads our industry, as the environmentally-conscious choice for your project.
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Comprehensive Sizing Software
MESAN’s cooling tower sizing software, the easy way to ensure fast and accurate evaluation of evaporative cooling solutions for your project. Read More
World-class projects only use world-class products
Guangzhou’s International Finance Center or IFC Tower, one of the world’s 10 tallest buildings, uses MESAN cooling towers…… A total of 12,700 tons of air conditioning, are reliably and dependably provided by MESAN towers, as a testimony to our excellence in quality, design and, manufacturing. Read More
Small details make a big difference...
Attention to detail, focus on perfection, refinement in the design of small components, to ensure reliability and long trouble-free service life, are at the core of MESAN’s business philosophy. We believe that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Read More

Welcome to MESAN USA

For over 40 years, the MESAN Group of Hong Kong, has engaged in the design and manufacturing of high quality, high efficiency evaporative cooling equipment. Through hard work, ethics, and a constant pursuit of excellence, MESAN has become a leader in the cooling tower industry in Asia. Today, MESAN continues to play a vital role in the development of new technologies and products, and is proud to have been selected in many renowned projects worldwide.

MESAN’s focus on engineering, research and development, quality management and excellent customer service, has been recognized by such important international organizations such as ISO, which awarded the ISO-9001-2008 certificate, and CTI, which issued the CTI-STD-201 performance certification. All these attributes make a powerful combination that drives the MESAN brand up, on a constant and steady growth. The many patents granted, are proof of MESAN’s strive for delivering new environmentally-friendly technologies and energy-efficient products for the global markets.

Now building on this heritage and tradition of excellence, MESAN USA starts operations, with the goal of covering the Americas, and continue providing high quality evaporative cooling equipment with local presence and local inventory. MESAN USA offers a broad range of products especially engineered for our particular market and climate conditions

Please trust MESAN USA with your evaporative cooling needs.