World-class projects only use world-class products

Guangzhou’s International Finance Center or IFC Tower, one of the world’s 10 tallest buildings, uses MESAN cooling towers.

A total of 12,700 tons of air conditioning, are reliably and dependably provided by MESAN towers, as a testimony to our excellence in quality, design and, manufacturing.

MESAN is proud to be selected for many large commercial and industrial projects all over the world;  such recognition can only come after years of proven excellence in engineering, manufacturing and performance.  No matter how big the challenge is MESAN’s team of expert engineers, management and dedicated production workforce, are always ready to deliver a world-class product.

MESAN’s compliance with International quality and performance standards, allows it to be accepted in any important project anywhere in the world.

MESAN’s vision is to be a global player in the evaporative cooling industry, through dedication and commitment to excellence.