Lowest Energy Consumption in the market

With up to 40% lower energy consumption than our competitors, MESAN lead our industry as the environmentally-conscious choice for your project.

Commitment to investing in research and development, a motivated team of expert Engineers and a genuine concern about our planet’s most precious resources, have resulted into a line of innovative products that lead our industry in low energy consumption.

Thanks to patented, in-house designs and innovations, MESAN cooling towers have the lowest energy consumption in our industry, when compared against other brands, and for the same capacity, we achieve energy reductions of up to 40%*

With ever-raising electricity costs, and a growing concern about energy conservation, MESAN towers pay for themselves with energy savings, while contributing to a greener environment. MESAN……the environmentally-conscious choice for your project!

*Example based on single-cell induced-draft cross-flow cooling tower rated for 3,150 gpm @ 95°/85°/80°F WB.  100 HP for the other brand, 60 HP for MESAN’s MXR-KM series