Going Green?

LEED certification? MESAN USA towers are fully ASHRAE-90.1-2010 compliant, they all exceed the energy-efficiency requirements of this standard, a mandatory requisite to earn LEED points, towards Green Building certification.

ASHRAE-90.1 2010, sets the goal of reducing new buildings’ energy consumption by 30%.  The threshold for compliance for induced-draft cooling towers is 38.2 gpm/HP, when selected at 95°/85°/75°F WB.   Our towers deliver 60 gpm/HP and above (up to a 120 gpm/HP on certain models), meaning that by choosing MESAN, designers, building owners and operators, ensure full compliance with LEED-2009 guidelines, towards earning “Green Building” certification, by receiving 2 LEED points in “energy efficiency

Water management is another key aspect of ASHRAE-90.1 and LEED-2009, and up to 2 LEED points are awarded to buildings using cooling towers, that in addition to comply with the minimum energy efficiency requirements of this standard, also have low drift losses, and means to reduce blow-down or bleeding.   MESAN towers’ CTI-certified drift loss is as low as 0.001% low enough to qualify as “low-drift” units.  When fitted with water conductivity meters to control bleeding, our towers fully comply with this standard in regards to “Water Management Strategies” thus earning another 2 LEED points. MESAN, committed to a greener planet!